CEDIA Expo 2021: Small but Significant

Signs of trouble? Your car service driver splashes cold water on his face as he takes you to the airport. He chats you up to stay awake. Cars are honking, your car is swerving, and rain is pelting the windows. If your smart phone partially awoke you at 2:30am, you are fully awake now. Despite [...]

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We Are HTA-Certified

Great news! The Home Technology Association has certified Premiere Systems Design. Only about 10% of custom integrators meet HTA's rigorous standards and we are honored to be in that select 10%. Thank you to the manufacturers, local industry professionals, and design/build colleagues who vouched for our stellar reputation.Know that any company bidding on your [...]

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Historic Home, Modern Technology

In 2017, a beautiful historic home was given a facelift. Gutting the house, interior designer Steven Gambrel redid the infrastructure and the wiring but retained the house’s historic elements, refinishing and reinstalling some of the original wood. He spared no expense as he sourced and handpicked every fixture, door hardware, and piece of reclaimed [...]

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