At Premiere Systems Design, we integrate automated technology into homes, offices, and retail spaces in New York, Long Island, and the Hamptons. Behind the scenes and out of sight, our smart home technology cues an orchestration of lights, music, climate control, and security.

We tailor-fit solutions to your wants and needs by combining technology, smart home architecture, programming, and customization. You can’t live without technology, but we know that you’d like to see as little of it as possible. In our business, we refer to excessive displays of technology as “wall warts” or “wall acne.”

We make sure that the custom automation systems we design have clear complexions and flawless skin. Translation? Picture-perfect homes!


Today’s custom automation systems, such as Control4 and Crestron, are the modern-day equivalents of a scene from Downton Abbey. Rather than being greeted by footmen and ladies-in-waiting, you can activate your “welcome home scene” with the touch of a button. Your smart lighting will illuminate your home or office, your sound system will engage, and your alarm will be disarmed. You won’t have to send an advance team to warn of your imminent arrival as you can control everything remotely from your phone.


You’ve heard the expression: “be seen but not heard.” Our challenge is just the opposite — to design high-quality sound systems that are heard but not seen. We achieve this by discreetly hiding color-matched Sonance wall speakers in ceilings, walls, and soffits and by using directional speakers outside, which won’t disturb your neighbors but will allow you to enjoy music poolside. We’ve also been known to hide speakers in flower beds!


You have a beautiful home, and it only stands to reason that it merits protection. It’s important to see who’s coming to your front door when you’re not there. Working with such top-of-the-line manufacturers as Luma, Lilin, and Visualint, we customize surveillance systems, installing intelligent cameras and virtual triplines. We then program the systems to send snapshots to your phones in real time.

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Climate Control

The smart HVAC thermostats we install maintain optimal temperature and energy efficiency, programmed to your specific requirements. In concert with motorized shades, the thermostats — which manage multiple zones in your home and run on customized schedules — can reduce your energy costs. They can be adjusted from Control4 devices in your home or via the Control4 app.


The sky’s the limit regarding customization options for lighting control systems. Whereas an older home’s foyer typically has seven light switches within one bank, today’s smart homes can instead feature a single six-button keypad, such as Lutron’s lighting keypad or Control4’s keypad dimmer. Each button can be programmed to control a single light or all lights, create a scene or multiple scenes, or illuminate a pathway. Smart lighting systems control your lighting and motorized shades. Besides adding convenience to your daily routines with “welcome home” and “goodnight” scenes, smart lighting is beneficial for climate control and your home’s security.

Motorized Shades

Any smart lighting system worth its salt will include motorized shades. Elegant, quiet, unobtrusive and precisely aligned with your windows, Lutron Roman shades or Lutron roller shades are programmable to let in as little or as much light as you desire. We’ll program custom presets so you can easily and efficiently manage the light, heat, and level of privacy of your home.

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Home Entertainment

Especially these days, who wouldn’t want to create a home theater or custom screening room to watch movies from the comfort of one’s own home? There’s no reason to go out when you can grab your favorite beverage from the fridge, recline your seat, and sink into sumptuous leather seats. The custom home theaters we design feature SONY and JVC professional home cinema 4K projectors, home theater in-wall speakers, and projection screens ranging from 100 to 160 inches. The only problem we can’t solve for you is deciding what to watch!

Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio Systems

We take our cue from Mother Nature, scheduling perimeter and landscape lighting based on sunrise and sunset. But by leveraging technology, we can override presets to suit your timing and desired activity. Perhaps you’d like to congregate for a cocktail on the patio, watch TV outdoors, or listen to music from your hammock. When designing technology solutions for the grounds of your home, we select all-weather products such as Sunbrite waterproof televisions, which can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh elements. By strategically placing speakers, subwoofers, and wireless access points throughout your property, we ensure beautiful acoustics and uninterrupted, secure internet access. Interior designers talk about bringing the outside in. We do the opposite — we bring your inside entertainment experience outside.

Design and Consulting

Each project is unique, with specific technical and aesthetic considerations. We place ourselves in our clients’ shoes and propose solutions that will complement a particular home or office, whether its style is contemporary or traditional. We also work closely with developers and architects, educating them about the technological possibilities and sharing our expertise. Oftentimes, the ideas we come up with include technological designs they didn’t realize were possible.