“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”*

You heard it here first — Not only is the new AVA Remote sleek and modern, machined from a single piece of aluminum and available in black or silver finish, but it also has three smart home benefits:

  1. Let’s say you’re home watching TV and the doorbell rings. Your phone is nowhere in sight or is out of juice. With AVA Remote, you can have two-way communication with whomever or whatever is at your front door. Because AVA Remote integrates with Ring Video Doorbells and Nest Cams and Nest Doorbell — even without a home automation system — you can view the cameras from your AVA Remote.
  2. The same applies to your Sonos audio equipment, which until now could only be controlled via your phone, tablet, or iPad. You are now able to operate your Sonos devices through your AVA remote control.
  3. Perhaps you’ve taken a DIY approach to home automation. You’re using Lutron’s Caseta system for smart lighting, a Nest Doorbell for home security, and Sonos for home audio. You might ask, “Why do I need an automation system?” The answer is, “You don’t.” For these simple AV devices, AVA Remote — which sits on a charging cradle — can access all three systems. Says Premiere Systems Design President and Founder Rex Aguirre, “This is a nice add-on for people who are not yet ready to install a full automation system. People want the convenience. This is as convenient as it gets because it sits in a cradle.”

AVA is available exclusively from professional installers such as Premiere Systems Design.

Get on the bandwagon early and give us a shout to see what AVA Remote can do for you!

* Excerpted from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)